uominiuomini #02

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The “uominiuomini” series by Marco Morosini, inaugurated in 1998, is conceived as a fascinating exploration of human alienation, embracing a contemporary graphic style. The works, the result of an industrial process, elegantly depict male figures born from an ancient Japanese pictogram, reworked into a contemporary representation: a featureless man, in a two-piece suit, apathetic and indifferent. Morosini, a graduate in graphic design from ISIA in Urbino, stands out in the skillful balance between his industry experience and the creation of a vibrant dialogue between contemporary art and a broader audience. The series not only provides a penetrating look into the complexity of modern life but also celebrates the inherent strength and resilience of the individual in the face of daily challenges. While maintaining a high visual sophistication, Morosini's work serves as a lit bridge between contemporary aesthetics and intellectual refinement. Each work, produced using industrial serial techniques, stops at the first copy, emphasizing uniqueness within mass production.


- Screen printing on micro-perforated sheet metal

- Dimensions 1200 x 1200 mm

- Thickness 30 mm



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