Marco Morosini

Marco Morosini born in Pesaro in 1972, he studied communication design at the I.S.I.A in Urbino and then at the Fachochshule in Augsburg in Germany, graduating with honours. He began his professional experience in Pesaro at the studio of Massimo Dolcini, founder of public utility graphics. In 1996 Morosini moved to Vienna for a year, to learn about multimedia languages at the innovative No Frontiere Design studio. Once the experience beyond the Alps was over, he met the maestro Oliviero Toscani and began collaborating first at Fabrica, a communication research center and Colors, then in New York for Talk Magazine, Paris for Liberation and the Italian weekly L'Espresso.

Author of the recovery of the Granarola Castle in the Marche region, now transformed into a historic residence and international welcoming place. Each residence was designed by Marco Morosini and hosts a different creative process of the artist. At the same time, the bowls club was born and positioned itself as a center of sociality, where people gather, talk and enjoy company in a cultural and informal atmosphere. In 2014 he exhibited in Miami during Art Basel, “The Art of Selling a Bag”, inspiring driving force of the new dimension between art, design and commerce, from which a documentary film directed by Morosini himself and a photography book were also born. His personal exhibitions have been exhibited in Cattolica, Rimini, Milan, Vicenza, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami. He publishes the books "Kosovars", "DividiRimini", "No Copyright" for the publisher Electa and in 2023 the new novel "Maledetto" with the Argentodorato publisher. Marco draws in his studio in Pesaro, always to the rhythm of music, in the company of his collaborators, his wife Barbara and his daughter Margherita.

In summary some of his main thoughts: