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17 products

Smoothie Drawings

Smoothie drawings are works free from classic design constructions and from any type of client that force and limit the structure and concept of the works themselves. Beyond any extreme need for functionality, Marco Morosini combines, as in a centrifuged, everything he has assimilated and experienced over the years. The artist directly connects instinct to the actual creative process, letting the soul draw, in a direct connection between what he feels inside himself and what he puts into action with his own hands. The purpose is not to seek commercial consent, but to give a voice to the soul and the need to materialize ideas without a predefined purpose. The result is a riot of originality and non-conformism, in a sort of evocative transfer that translates the idea into creative action.

Four flavors for Smoothie drawings: Lamps, Vases, Monsters, Abstracts.

In the crazy and colorful universe of Lamps, geometric shapes find space that give life to objects of light, hand-made drawings that bear the signature of the designer Marco Morosini. In the Vases collection, on the other hand, the artist contains a multitude of containers of positivity in a riot of new colors and shapes, never banal. The last two categories, Monsters and Abstracts, leave you speechless in terms of pure imagination and creativity, resulting from the designer's inspiration and direct connection with his soul.