The Art of Selling a Bag

The Art of Selling a Bag

The Art of Selling a Bag explores the relationship between Design, Art and Industry. Art today is an abstract entity imprisoned in sterile white galleries, controlled by invisible gatekeepers and guarded by visible but hostile receptionists, eyes fixed on their monitors.



The exhibition in Miami

The exhibition was inaugurated in Miami by the designer and founder Marco Morosini on the occasion of Brandina's 10th anniversary and created by the designer and founder Marco Morosini. The exhibition is hosted by Spaceby3, a former warehouse from the 1920s located in Wynwood, the artistic heart of the city, which converted into a multifunctional space will reopen to coincide with the inauguration of the exhibition.

The exhibition aims to explore the relationship between Design, Art and Commerce, experimenting with a new dimension of color created to give the public an emotionally positive experience for the eyes and regenerative for the soul.


Part of the project is also a 45-minute documentary film with exclusive interviews made by Marco Morosini to art critics, collectors, museum directors: Andrea Ugolini (collector), Oliviero Toscani (photographer), Renzo di Renzo (Ied cultural marketing teacher) Milan), Antonio Ghini (director of the Ferrari Museums of Modena and Maranello), Alessandro Dal Lago (sociologist), Enzo Cannaviello (gallery owner), Achille Bonito Oliva (art critic), Davide Serra (financier, founder of the Algebris fund), Vittorio Sgarbi (art critic). 



The book

According to the artist Marco Morosini "Art must be freed from the box of finance that has imprisoned it, it must return to us. We must learn to dream knowing that we are dreaming, hoping that the world can be saved by the beauty of creativity and not by power. The challenge for the user will be to recognize art from the commercial, the multiple from the one, the oneiric from the usual ".

A 160-page photographic book completes the project.





With its over 3,000 square meters of exhibition space, Spaceby3 is the first of the three stages of the project characterized by a unique and unprecedented installation composed of curved neon works, photographic prints, fabrics and paintings, the latter created with the original Stripe Machine also designed by Morosini himself.

Is what you do when you put a new product on the market “art or trade? Is it business, is it marketing or is it aesthetics? "

The theme is put under the lens, divided into clips, to give rise to a narrative in which there is no single final moral. Each gets its own message.

Because creativity is an impulse. The result depends on how you respond to that stimulus.