by Marco Morosini

Newumanity, a project by Marco Morosini.


Two hundred thousand years ago at least six species of humans inhabited the Earth.
Today only one remains: us, Home Sapiens.

Our evolution has endowed us with self-awareness with which we started writing our story. Since the Paleolithic we have experienced a slow and constant technical and cultural development. To the manifestation of phenomena unknown to us, we found a device in the gods. Over the centuries we have created borders, stipulated laws and determined the value of our assets by giving a price. All this has led us to be the society we are.

The secret of our success is imagination.

Marco Morosini with the NEWUMANITY project imagine new cities, empires and religions. New dimensions that break down all the limits created by ourselves, where there is no kind of social distinction, but a vast fusion of cultures and ideals


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