The EMILIA logo creates a visual path, restores the idea of movement and vitality, thanks to the arrangement of the letters on different height levels. The movement that the gaze makes to read the logo is similar to the one that you would phisically make to visit the Emilian territory. In addition to creating a visual path, each letter, thanks to its color and shape, suggests a story that refers to the peculiarities of Emilia provinces such as Piacenza, Parma and Reggio Emilia. The logo, like a prism, makes you think about many facets and many experiences to try.

Taste Nature and Culture that accompanies the word “Emilia”, is a multisensory invitation to discover and immerse yourself in local history and culture, of which food is an important part. In this respect, the yellow in the logo is not just a reference to the sun but also to wheat. Flour derives from wheat, a fundamental ingredient for traditional dishes such as cappelletti. Yellow is then associated with another typical product: Parmigiano Reggiano. The blue and green letters summarize the geographical morphology of the place: they recall the peaks of the Apennines and the rivers that originate from it. The red is symbol of urban landscape and refers to the bricks used to build since ancient times. An example is the Palazzo Comunale of Piacenza, with its Gothic style, built with handmade terracotta bricks. Red and its purplish and pinkish reflections, also refer to grapes ripening on vines, in the countryside of the area. Among these vineyards, many produce the renowned Lambrusco.
Emilia is unique: it is an open-air theater in which, besides its landscape,  besides the opportunity to savor its food, you can also enjoy many art works. In the logo the letter ‘i’ symbolizes a pause for the gaze, but its shape refers also to the notes found in musical pages. Music traces its history made up of melodies and important characters such as Giuseppe Verdi, who lived and composed in this area. Music and art go on-stage in Parma in one of the most important traditional theaters in Italy, the Teatro Regio.
The Emilia logo embodies all of this: in addition to emphasizing the name of the region itself, it’s a result of shapes and color combinations. Graphically it wants to bring out its soul: the different tastes, the artistic richness, the landscapes in transformation from the mountains to the sea, the local peculiarities that are preserved, valued and coexist.